Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Ugh I'm SO disappointed. I went to Max's for lunch. The place where I once got the best corned beef sandwich I ever ate in my life. I'm not feeling well today so I thought I'd warm up with a hearty sandwich and soup. Now I'm at work and my food is gone because I threw most of it away.

My French Onion Soup was more like French Onion Brown Water with oversized hunks of bread. I think they were supposed to be croutons but I can't be sure. And why was the cheese curdled at the bottom of the cup? The only thing French about this soup is that it SUCKED.

My corned beef was haplessly inedible. Greasy. Boring. Bland. The Havarti tasted more like mushy swiss and I'm sure I'll get the kind of stomach ache you get when you lick the bottom of the bacon pan. The only thing good about it was the dill pickle that came in a separate bag.

I've resorted to eating the free cup of potato salad. Not even because I'm hungry, but because I'm searching for some kind, any kind of redemption.

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Matt Florence said...

I ate at Max's last night and thought I was going to have a simply delicious cheesesteak sandwich (sammich?). Well, the freedom fries were wonderful. If I were a lesbian I could probably have taken all the grease from said sandwich, retrofitted my truck (yes, I really do drive a truck), and driven home on it.