Thursday, November 11, 2004

I was just having a one-sided conversation about Jews and the Holidays and it reminded me of a funny little story. Actually, it reminded me to talk about it cause really I thought about it the other morning in the shower and started laughing. Naked.

Now you have to understand, Judaism was really an obscure thing to me up until the last few years. I used to think it meant you were of a particular race entirely. It was kind of like "Oh, you're Jewish?" (nod and pretend to comprehend.)

So anyway, a long long long long time ago I knew this evil tyrant of a wicked harpy who happened to be Jewish. This person had never had a Christmas tree before and I thought that was just bizarre and sad and must have been a direct indicator of a lonely, alienated, disadvantaged childhood. So I bought the banshee a Christmas tree and set it all up with bells and whistles, et al. I figured all Jews celebrate Christmas just because they live in America and that is what Americans do.

It never occurred to me until the other morning in the shower that I acted with total ignorance to the Jewish religion and completely imposed my Catholicism with absolute unawares. I told you it was funny.

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