Monday, December 13, 2004

Ahh ... nothing says childhood nostalgia like throwing dirt clods at crackheads.

I saw just that this weekend when the bay-bay kids from the PJ's were throwing dirt and rocks at the local crackhead. It was probably the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. So hilarious we pulled up alongside to watch and just laughed away. Really, I wish I had a camera.

Now remember, this ain't just any crackhead. This is the neighborhood crackhead. The one that cuddles in the middle of the street with a cardboard box telling me to go around. The one that dirty dances with a chain link fence. The one that took off with my garbage can and yelled back as she was rolling it down the street "I AINT GOT YO FUCKIN GARBAGE CAN BITCH." The one whom I found laying on the street with my garbage can the next day and called the cops on.
The one that asked me "IS THAT A MP3 PLAYERRRRRR?????"
You know the one.

$5 bucks says she'll have a SANNYHAT within the week.

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