Monday, December 06, 2004

These haughty sanctimonious fillmore-esque bitches were discussing their miserable love lives at lunch today. "And I was all like ... and then He was all like ... and then like I felt sad ... and like I called him to tell him I felt sad ...and like .. I wonder if I could go to his birthday party this week even though we're not going to be in eachother's lives... but like... I have a date with my friend's brother tonight ..." followed by "oh yeah like ... I try not to get sad myself ... cause like ...whatever ... i just ignore their feelings cause I don't want to deal ... you know? like ... haha whatever." and then the tubby friend piped in but I didn't pay attention to her.

I wanted to line them all up in a row and smack them all at once with an oar. I hope they all get what's coming to them.

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