Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Yesterday I spent four hours in a stupid "Diversity Awareness" training for work. I don't remember what the lady said because I was too busy staring at this old guy's enlarged prostate. And everyone at my table was so ugly!

I walk in and the bubbly trainer says "Sit by someone you don't know!" Obviously I don't know them because they're ugly.

The topper was when she told me how she tried to get her hair like mine for several years. Like what? Like a black scarecrow? She said "like Meg Ryan in City of Angels." Weird. The worst part is, even though in some way it was indirectly flattering, I don't really think she meant it. I wonder why people do that.

Like one time this girl outside of a bar told me I looked like Halle Barry. You don't know what I look like but it's a lot closer to James Miranda Barry.


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