Friday, January 07, 2005

I had a very comedy of errors parking experience today. I decided to drive because we are having really bad weather, heavy rainfall, strong winds, etc. One lane of a major bayside thoroughfare was overflooded turning some commuters' 10 minute drive into a 1 1/2 hour parking lot extravaganza.

Naive moi thought I could park at the lot adjacent to my work. But of course it was full. So I crossed the Embarcadero (the aforementioned bayside thoroughfare) to another lot much further from my work. Realizing I only had $4 in my pocket and the lot was machine-monitored, I drove up to see if it took credit cards. I didn't see a slot so I turned around and drove back down the Embarcadero to an ATM.

Back in my car, I drive to the lot, park and remember my stall #: 541 ... 541 ... walking ... 541 .. gee it's raining hard ... 541 .. my shoes are getting wet ... I can feel my socks getting wet ... 541 ... hey fog city diner, I should eat there one day ... puddle ... rain ... parking machine. Shit. What was my number?

So I walked all the way back in the rain and wind, the kind that shakes traffic lights, got the number: #541, returned to the parking machine to insert my fresh $20 bill and saw that the machine only accepts $1's, $5's & $10's.

I almost got in my car and drove home when I noticed that there was, in fact, a credit card slot.

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Carly said...

jerkey and the horrible, no good, very bad day