Friday, February 03, 2006

Ok I was just looking at the IKEA website and there is a link for IKEA's in the Middle East. Can we seriously think about that?

Please choose a store from the Store Locater drop down:
-- Desert
-- Village
-- In A Hole
-- Around The Hole
-- Behind The Hole
-- Outer Cave Region
-- Market Bazaar (subject to frequent bombings)

Please select a category:
-- Cots
-- Rugs
-- Rice
-- Fans
-- Satellite dishes

And now introducing our new PETS section:
-- Products for Camels
* Brushes
* Sparkly hats
* Stylish hump bag things

-- Products for Mules
* Barrettes
* Stackable carrying cases
* Sunglasses

*see site map for miscellaneous rodent products

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