Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ama Ebi (Fried Sweet Shrimp)

A certain someone I know has a penchant for biting the heads off of whole shrimp after they've been deep fried. I'm not into it myself but I was definitely up to the challenge. My local J-Town market sells the shrimp whole, heads on, in the shell.

I actually grilled these first in a cast iron skillet with s/p and turmeric because I don't deep fry a lot and I wanted to make sure they were cooked thoroughly. I didn't want these super battered, so I just coated them in a dry flour mixture. As soon as they were all crisped up, I drained and served. And, to my relief, they were a big hit.


mike said...

Don't bite my head off! SHEESH!

I love sweet shrimp, I love deep fried, I love Karen O thanks to Jerkey on the side.


seantimberlake said...

I grossed the living shit out of Pealer by eating the fried heads. Good stuff!

The Jerkey said...

Mike! I love your poem. I'm getting it tattooed on Wednesday.

Sean - how funny. I can totally see Pealer doing that shakey "OHHH MYYY GODDD" thing he does. Aww .. old times.