Saturday, October 17, 2009

Creamy Rock Shrimp

This is my attempt at creamy rock shrimp. They were good but I don't actually have a deep fryer and I have a really, really hard time filling my wok with enough oil to deep fry anything. I hate the waste it creates and I don't know what to do with it. I would never need it again soon enough before it wasn't any good anymore.

Anyway, I just created a tempura beer batter, dropped in the shrimp and then dropped them in the oil. The mushrooms and cilantro was a la Nobu style, and the creamy sauce is a super easy sauce made of kewpie mayo, ponzu, sriracha, chili sesame oil, and salt and pepper.


Jose said...

Do you know the exact amounts of ingredients you used. I am trying to make Creamy Rock Shrimp but having trouble finding the right sauce and the recipe for it. Thanks.

The Jerkey said...

Hey Jose - thanks for reading! I don't have measurements of my own sauce because I'm so used to making it I just eye it. However, I do have Nobu's version in his cookbook so here's his recipe just for the sauce (makes 3 tblspoons)

1. 1 egg yolk
2. 1 teaspoon rice vinegar
3. 3.5 fluid ounces of vegetable oil
4. 1 teaspoon sea salt
5. white pepper
6. 1 teaspoon chili garlic sauce

Actually, that reminds me of why Nobu's cookbook is a little annoying. You're supposed to beat the yolk and then add the vinegar and oil bit by bit so you're basically making your own mayonnaise.

That's why I go with my version. I got it from a sushi chef when I took a course. Try this:

2 tablespoons of kewpie mayo or regular mayo
1 teaspoon sesame chili oil
pinch of salt and pepper
2 squirts of sriracha (if you want it spicy)
1 teaspoon of soy sauce
1 teaspoon of seasoned rice vinegar
1 teaspoon of lime juice
(The last 3 create a ponzu)

Just mix that up and taste it - you may want to add a bit more salt if it tastes bland, or seasoning. Then modify it to your tastes!

Jose said...

Thank you so much. I will try this out this weekend. Hope it turns out well! What ingredient gives the sauce that orange coloring?

The Jerkey said...

Cool. The coloring is either the chili garlic sauce in Nobu's version, or the sriracha and sesame chili oil in my version. You know you have the right balance if it's that slightly creamy orange color.

My recommendation is to play around with the recipe and maybe split mine by 3 and just make a real small amount so you know what you like. :) Hope it works out great!