Tuesday, November 11, 2008

High Steppin'

Feast your eyes upon the world's most expensive ham ... actually I think there is more expensive pork out there but, at $125.oo/lb, it might as well be. It's Jamón Ibérico de Ballota and it's from the black footed pigs of Spain that roam wild and feed mainly on a diet of acorns (ballotas). They only started importing to the US a few years ago. The amount you see in the picture was $7.50 for a total of 4 meager slivers of a cured pork product with the consistency of warmed butter.


James Woe said...

okay...are you fat as hell...because i am really turned on by your taste in culinary delicacies...i hope you are fat as hell....help me

The Jerkey said...

I am not fat as hell. I am 115 lbs. and I am a self-professed prosciutto whore.

Woe is you. :)