Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Versatility of tacos

I love, love, love tacos -- but I don't really care for tacos from mexican restaurants because I'm always disappointed. There don't seem to be any extraordinary yet casual nuevo latino restaurants in the LA area. They're all 'high end' or just don't fit the bill. Actually, I've only ever come across one and if you're in the area then you must go to Tacubaya in Berkeley.

I didn't capture the recipe for the above but it's all very simple. Simmer shredded chicken in the style of the enchilada recipe a few posts back, make your own tortillas, and blend crema mexicana with cilantro. The black bean salsa is mixed with red onions, corn, diced bell peppers, cilantro, pineapple, salt, pepper, and lime for citrus.

One day I'd like to own the type of rotisserie they use in Shawerma joints. Tacubaya has one stacked with pork. On top of the spit are pineapple slices that slowly cook and drip down over the pork. To find even one lone piece in your taco al pastor is like panning gold.


Mark said...

for extraordinary yet casual tacos: I love Ciudad.
Happy hour until 7pm- a set of 2 is only $4!
Grilled Chicken
(only the potato taco is crispy and ranks 'extraordinary')
Also, $4 drinks!
House red/white


(*I know I'm probably not cutting-edge here, but I'm newer to LA, and these are a great little treasure)

The Jerkey said...

Aargh I still haven't tried Ciudad but I've written it down. I randomly came across some gross shack at like where Beverly meets Virgil and Temple (?) that had excellent street tacos -- although the place looks like a run-down little fast food joint.