Thursday, March 26, 2009

Salmone Fresco

This post is for no other reason than to capture this image. This is a wild salmon steak purchased from the seafood stand "J&P's West Coast Seafood" at the Hollywood Farmer's market. I cooked it as usual - smoked salt, pepper, and turmeric on the skin side with a little olive oil.

You have to get your pan suuuper hot. Every time I tried to cook salmon skin side down I had some trouble. The skin stuck and I had to scrape it off while not disturbing the meat too much. And it's not very pretty when the skin has been scraped up in its shriveled form.

So now I turn the fire on medium, wait until my pan hits the smoking point, put in the olive oil and once it's hot and coating the pan, put the salmon in skin side down. If you did it right, it won't really stick when the salmon is ready to turn. Season the other side with the same smoked salt, pepper, and turmeric.

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